Mythus is a fantasy role-playing game designed by Gary Gygax of Dungeons and Dragons fame. GDW published it in the early 90's, then some rather nasty things transpired involving TSR and a lawsuit. TSR gained control of the copyright and stopped distributing the game system. Now, GDW has closed shop, and there are no more printed materials coming out for Mythus. It lives on solely in the hands of a few of us die-hard fans.

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Campaign Notes

the Dark Mysteries Campaign

Most of this Mythus site is devoted to the Dark Mysteries Campaign, my epic fantasy adventure/story series. This campaign is active and meets about once a month. You can check our schedule to see when the next session is. I currently take about two or three weeks to complete the writeup.

The personae dramatis in this epic story are the typical-of-gaming-parties unconventional lot thrown together by happenstance.

The party discovered a sinister plot to disrupt trade. It turned out that this plot was just the beginning of an epic adventure to protect the Kingdom of the Five Crowns, and, ultimately, the world, from the Dark One.

The story is documented in the section "the Story so Far...". In this index of chapters, active links indicate completed sections of the story; chapter titles that have a strikethrough are currently being written; underlined chapter titles are chapters I expect to complete in the next session; and the remaining titles are future chapters. If you don't have time to read the literally hundreds of pages of the story, you can also skim through a synopsis.

The players are an excellent group of gamers who have really caught the spirit of role playing (as opposed to the roll playing in which too many gamers partake). There have been several on-the-side character development substories that the players have written For instance, the duel between Bilbus and Adria that happened in Book I/Chapter 4 started as an in-character argument between the players during an e-mail. I have decided to reward the players (and personae) with AP/G for such work above & beyond the call of duty (when the players give me copies of their work or post it to a site to which I can link). A collection of links to these side stories can be found on the aptly-named Side Stories page.

Looking into the future, I see a few possible follow-on stories. It's a little premature to go too far in detailing the adventures that far down the road, but I have at least a vague, short description of each of them on the Futures Page.

House Rules

Like most experienced gamers, we have made changes to the rules used in the game. A listing of House Rules is available, updated as I remember what changes I've implemented.

Other Mythus Sites

This is hardly a comprehensive list. If you want something a little more thorough, check out the Mythusmage's links when they are back on line.

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